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Diagnosis and Repair


Anything that needs fixing starts with careful analysis and diagnosis of the issue or problem at hand. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We have years of experience and knowledge and extensively trained and skilled technical experts who can effectively and timely diagnose and repair your computer problems. Don’t take our word for it, try us now risk free.

How we can help you

Our expert diagnosis and repair services are an integral part of issue identification and resolution. By carefully diagnosing the issue that you are facing based on our standards of procedures and technical troubleshooting protocols, we try to understand the issue before we face it head on and try to resolve. This helps in addressing the root cause of the issue and not just the outer surface of the problem.

  • Premium
    1 Incident 1 PC
  • £ 49.99
    $ 99.99
  • Resolve driver conflicts
  • Configure your internet browser(s), including support for Internet
  • Install latest updates for Operating system
  • Microsoft Entourage, or Mac Mail

Top issues that we fix

  • Slow performance issue of your PC or Laptop computer.
  • PC or Laptop computer starts, restarts or shuts down slow.
  • Unwanted popups and intrusive ads.
  • Abnormal buzzing or clicking noise from inside the PC or Laptop computer.
  • PC or Laptop computer heats up abnormally.
  • Frequent or intermittent shut down or restart of the computer.
  • Computer or Laptop does not startup.
  • PC or Laptop does not have any video but seems to be running.
  • No internet connectivity.
  • Email or email client issues.
  • Web browser issue or cannot browse the internet.
  • WiFi does not work.
  • Spam and phishing websites or emails.
  • Virus infection.
  • No sound or audio output.
  • Does not play certain videos or games.

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