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Operating System Support


Operating Systems are software that makes the computer hardware run. Operating System software or OS in short is what helps a user communicate with the hardware components of the computer system. Although Operating Systems comes with various features and applications by itself, you can further extend the capabilities of you computer using other Hardware or Software that you install. This can sometimes cause unanticipated behavior in the computer system. For example, an incompatible or outdated hardware like an old printer or an old software can crash the OS or even corrupt at worse case. Furthermore, viruses, trojans and other malicious software can cause adverse behavior in the OS.

Windows, OSX are the major Operating Systems in use. We support all versions of these Operating Systems.

No matter what issue your OS is, we can help you resolve them quickly and in one call.

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  • Premium
    1 Incident 1 PC
  • £ 129.99
    $ 189.99
  • Troubleshoot driver errors
  • Troubleshoot on sound and audio
  • Troubleshoot on blue screen
  • OS X Mac /Windows recovery

Top issues that we fix

  • Operating System or OS starts or Shuts down slow.
  • Slow running computer.
  • BSOD or Bluescreen of Death errors.
  • OS related errors.
  • Incompatible drivers or software applications.
  • Incompatible hardware installation.
  • Upgrade to latest version of Operating System.
  • Windows updates or OS updates fails.
  • Windows updates causes system to fail loading.

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