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Router and Networking Support


Networking and Internet has changed the way we communicate in our modern days. With rapid expansion and growth of the internet, networking has also evolved and developed with many advanced features and security. We all use networking at our homes and office without thinking much about the complexities of the technology or the devices being used. Usually, we have more than one networking device at home – like our WiFI router, Internet Modem, Modem router, Splitters, cables, WiFi dongles etc. We live in a highly connected world and when networking fails at one or more points, it can mean lost communication or business. Be it installation or networking support, call us now for assistance.

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  • Configuring routers
  • Wireless access setup
  • DNS and gateway settings
  • Setting up security with router

Top Networking & Router issues that we fix

  • WiFi (Wireless) Internet not working.
  • Wireless network issue.
  • WiFi (Wireless) router installation and setup.
  • WiFi (Wireless) card or dongle installation and setup.
  • WiFI (Wireless) card or dongle not working or not detected.
  • Wired router installation and setup.
  • Wired internet is not working.
  • Modem issue.
  • Wireless security setup.
  • Cannot connect to WiFi router or wireless internet.
  • Broadband internet issues.

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